Let's Talk About Hot Flashes! Free Webinar Wed., Jan. 18 from noon to 1pm EST

The menopausal years are a time of tremendous physical and psychological change for women. We're often experience symptoms of these changes. The most bothersome of these is hot flashes. They wake us up at night. They embarrass us at work and in social gatherings. They interfere with intimacy. There is a massive amount of information and advice about menopause and hot flashes. So much, that it's hard for women to know what the best strategies are for them.

Roberta Heale, nurse practitioner and owner of the Virtual Menopause Clinic is offering a free webinar to anyone interested in learning more about hot flashes

  • We'll discuss

    Why we get hot flashes /The impact of hot flashes Risk factors for getting hot flashes /Non pharmacological and pharmacological approaches to hot flashes

  • There will a question period after the presentation

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