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    1. Menopause Cycle and Changes during Menopause

    2. Reproductive Stages, Ovarian Reserve and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

    3. What Causes Hot Flashes?

    1. Impact of Estrogen Loss

    2. Approaches to Management

    3. 2-score-sheet-gad-7-anxiety-and-phq-9-depression

    1. Treatment for Menopause Symptoms

    2. SERMS and more

    3. Menopause Hormone Therapy and Other

    4. NAMS Osteoporosis Position Statement 2021

    5. NAMS Position Statement on GSM

    6. NAMS Position Statement on Hormonal Therapy 2022

    7. NAMS Non Hormonal Position Statement 2023

    1. Preventative Health Care

    2. Practice Cases

    3. Possible Approaches to Cases

    1. Menopause Review for Primary Care




Prices include taxes; Course available for one year after registration

  • Option one


    Self-paced online course. Includes content, resources and case studies. Practice exam designed in the current format of the Menopause Society (previously NAMS) certification exam.

  • Option Two


    Includes all features from Option One plus an asynchronous question and answer feature. Questions answered weekly using most up to date evidence.

  • Option Three


    Includes all features of Option Two plus online written OSCE testing of your clinical knowledge for care of women during menopause.